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A conglomerate of athletics, education, fitness, wellness and entertainment businesses working together to offer the ultimate experience for sports and fitness enthusiasts in a state of the art facility
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8 indoor volleyball courts. Home to Beach Hall of Fame Legend, Olympian and Elite indoor/beach coach Jose Loiola also with the Developmental Volleyball Academy and Club (DVA) offering education and private trainings. Tournament hosting, clinics, adult league play and youth camps. To inquire about volleyball at DS Sports Plex, email

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6 indoor basketball courts. Home of Ganon Baker, esteemed NBA Skill Development Coach and Basketball School offering education and elite private trainings. Tournament hosting, clinics, adult league, recreational play and youth camps. To inquire about basketball at DS Sports Plex, email

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Fitness Opportunities

Space available for fitness businesses including Crossfit, boxing/MMA, yoga/dance studios, pilates, spin, barre etc. Office and spaces also available for sports medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage as well as nutrition retail. To inquire about business opportunities email

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Overlook Sports Lounge. Space available for restaurants/food concessions. Booking space available for corporate and private events. To inquire about business opportunities email

Academies + Elite Training

Our mission is to provide the highest level of instruction by incorporating fundamentals, technical skills, conditioning, game philosophy and strategy. Our focus is to develop the all-around player.
Passion for the game and developing its future

Our Academies will prepare young athletes for new opportunities in sports by providing a professional, multi-faceted training and educational experience through world-class coaching and mentorship.

Our highly experienced coaches have developed elite training programs preparing athletes to pursue sports at the high school, collegiate and professional levels, and offer recruitment guidance into higher education and beyond.

Private coaching and trainings also available by request. Our site is still under construction so please check back for updates.

  • Creating strong minds and positive thinking

  • Setting the building blocks for success

  • Emphasizing strengths and overcoming weaknesses

  • Building strong healthy athletes

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Latest news, events, and announcements from inside the DS Sports Plex