Fit Plex East

Our group Strength Training Classes offer an intelligently programmed, full-body training session appropriate for all fitness levels. Using a variety of exercises and techniques, classes are specifically designed to increase strength, cardiac output, and fat loss. Therefore, we help you achieve your goals, whether its muscular hypertrophy (muscle gain), fat loss, athletic performance and endurance, or general health and wellness.

Programmed to help you get stronger and feel better, our classes leave you with more energy and the feeling that you could go again tomorrow. Whether you're looking to add to your current training regimen, get back into shape, or just starting out, our Strength Training Classes are for you. 

Breakdown Of Daily Workout Schedule

Mondays: Lower Body (7:00am & 5:30pm)
Tuesdays:  Upper Body Push (7:00am & 5:30pm)
Wednesdays: Upper Body Pull (7:00am & 5:30pm)
Thursdays: Explosion (7:00am & 5:30pm)
Fridays: Total Body (7:00am & 5:30pm)
Saturdays:  Functional (8:00am)
Mobility (9:00am)


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Fit Plex West

Fit Plex West is located on the second floor of the DS Sports Plex. It features cable machines, benches, dumbells, 1 rack, 1 squat rack, ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes.


We accept credit card or cash

  • One time use: $5.00

  • Membership: $15.00/month

    • You will be billed quarterly


Please click the button below and fill out all the paperwork before you participate in any workout activities and bring it to the front office. Thank you!