Florida Crushers

Traditional Brazilian soccer is a beautiful, fast paced, attack-oriented game. Players show creativity in their movements and play. The Florida Crushers focus is to identify and develop talented soccer players. Our program is on a year round basis and it is structured to provide an all-inclusive club experience. Our curriculum delivers a consistent and coordinated program of technical and tactical content targeting excellence.

Contact Us

Marcio de Almeida
Soccer Director
Direct: (954) 588-1676
Email: marcio@floridacrushers.com

Priscila Souza
Club Administrator
E-mail: priscila@floridacrushers.com

Marta Knowles
Fundraising Coordinator
E-mail: fundraising@floridacrushers.com


Brazil Soccer Academy

You are welcome to get involved with the most complete soccer program in South Florida. Our Soccer Program is specially designed for building athletes and citizens, Starting with the brilliant minds of the very young  3 years old players, our vital objective is to support the youngest players with enough attention, challenge, and cherish to bring up their different abilities when they come to play and stay. In a long-term developmental program, we always include Futsal as part of the educational tools to improve soccer skills and build our athletes as soccer players and citizens.

Futsal Development Academy (FDA)

We believe in Futsal as the most powerful educational tool to develop soccer skills, Futsal is the only indoor game sanctioned by FIFA. If skills development is important, Futsal is. All the major heads of US Soccer and FIFA declared that this is the way to go. Once you experience Futsal, you will see the reasons: Reducing the number of players to 5 per team it is  recognized as clearly the best form of indoor soccer, more touches on the ball, better foot skills, more movement without the ball, quick decisions, technical speed of play, high-scoring games, constant excitement game and training.

Contact us

TEL: (954) 709-1215
(954) 366-6499
Email: bsabrazilsoccerflorida@gmail.com


Joga Bonito (JB) Futsal Academy

JB Futsal Academy brings you experienced coaches and Futsal development programs - in your local area. We are now set up in Boca Raton, Miami, Brickell, Coconut Grove, and Fisher Island. More to come. Our coaches are USSF (US Soccer Federation) licensed coaches. They all have a background in Futsal, soccer and lots of experiences training children.

Contact us

For scheduling your “try it for free” practice or
questions about futsal and our programs:

Coach Guga
TEL: (561) 542-0961
Email: guga@jbfutsalacademy.com

For questions about registration, payment,
or any other matter:

Customer Support
TEL: (305) 354-0898
Email: contact@jbfutsalacademy.com


Schulz Academy

Schulz Academy is specialized in developing professional soccer players by scouting and training year round young, high quality soccer talents from around the world in their first class facilities in Boca Raton FL..

Through our long history in this sport we have the knowledge and experience to place players in clubs in all different countries and leagues in Europe and other interesting markets.

contact us

Jasmin Schmidt
President / Office and Team Management
TEL: (561) 332-6667
EMAIL: Check out their website to email