Analyze your game with the all new ProLaunch. It provides full golf ball data and swing analytics to improve your game while playing over 150 golf courses.

Play on one of the premium courses, hit a bucket at the driving range, practice your stroke on the putting green, challenge friends to a closest to the pin or compete live with players around the world. Explore the variety of Golf Simulation environments and opportunities the P3 offers.


For more information please call us during our business hours at (954) 521-1875.



  • Bring your own clubs. Please make sure clubfaces are clean. We will provide balls for a small fee.

  • Please make sure that you bring a clean pair of shoes, as dirty/wet outside shoes are not permitted inside the simulator bays. Metal spikes, soft-spikes, and open-toed shoes are not allowed.

  • No food or drink is allowed inside the simulator bays or putting green.

  • Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes ahead of your tee-time to check in, select a course, choose course conditions, change shoes, etc.

  • Pace of Play may be enforced. If you are not finished by the end of your scheduled time, you may be asked to quickly complete the last hole so that the next group can start on time.

  • A credit card deposit may be required for large groups, multiple tee-times scheduled, and repeat no-show offenders. To avoid being charged you must cancel or modify your reservation(s) at least 48 hours in advance.


  • Before you swing any clubs, check your surroundings (monitor, computer, projector wall, people, etc.) to ensure no one or obstacle is within your range of swing.

  • Be aware of your backswing and follow through at all times.

  • Swinging above the waist should always take place near the hitting area of the mat.

  • Only one person in a bay at a time unless during formal instruction.

  • Be alert of where you stand or walk and stay out of someone’s swing path.

  • Report any accidents immediately.