Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for any questions you may have about The DS Sports Plex

  1. do we have batting cages?

    Yes we do.

  2. do we allow cleats on our wooden floors at any time?

    No we do not. In order to do any activity on the courts, you must wear proper tennis shoes.

  3. do we allow food or beverages in the facility?

    You are allowed to bring a drink especially if you are playing, but no food. If you bring in more than just a drink, then you will be asked to put them back in your car or leave them outside. This goes for food too. For tournaments, you are allowed to leave your cooler in front of the building and eat outside.

  4. Do you have a cafe to bring food and beverages?

    Yes we do! We recommend to come in and check out what we have to offer!

  5. for parties, am i allowed to bring my own food?

    No you are not. We do however have a wide range of platters you can choose from. You let us know which platters you want and we will add the cost to your party rental fee.

  6. Where can i have my party?

    There are many different options to choose from.

    1. You can have a court party and if you need a sitting area we can direct you to where would be your best option.

    2. The Sky Lounge

    3. The Party Room

    4. The whole building

  7. Do we allow chalk in the DS fit plex?

    Yes we do, but only in Fit Plex East.

  8. Do we have public wifi?

    No we do not, but one of our renters does and you are more than welcome to use it.