With a wide variety of sports and renters here at the DS Sports Plex we have plenty to offer. We are home to numerous sports clubs that you or your child can be a part of.


The DS Sports Plex houses 6 indoor basketball courts, 8 volleyball courts, and 1 sand volleyball court year-round.

court features

  • 32,000 square feet of court space combined

  • High school basketball courts

    • 2 have official NBA court lines

  • 6 Scoreboards

  • Ceiling mounted Basketball Backstops designed for maximum rigidity

  • Sliding curtains to allow separation from other activities going on on the other courts

  • 8 Volleyball nets

  • 12 Futsal goals

All our basketball courts come equipped with score tables and clocks upon request. Our spectator viewing comes complete with bleachers and table benches to enjoy while you are here.

Current users of the courts

For more information on who uses our courts and club information please click one of our many options above

Rental Rates (non tournament)

Court Rental (Weekdays AFTER 5pm)

Basketball $65/hour
Indoor Volleyball, Futsal, and All Else $75/hour
Shoot Around $32.50/hour
Sand Volleyball $35/hour
***FULL price ($65.00) for half court Basketball***

Court Rental (Weekdays Before 5pm)

All Sports $50/hour
Shoot Around $25.00/hour
Sand Volleyball $35/hour
***HALF price ($25.00) for half court basketball***

Court Rental (Weekends)

$100/hour with 2 hour minimum

For any Tournament or Large Event Rental send a request with all the necessary information to

Rules and regulations

Please read our Code of Conduct before you participate in any activity in our facility. You will be upheld to offer standards. If you do not read our Code of Conduct you are still liable.

Code of Conduct

Court Rental Cancellation Policy

Late Payment And Not Paying Your Full Bill Fee